This page is dedicated to sharing some of the feedback I’ve received. 😊❤️ These testimonials come from people who have availed of the intuitive guidance sessions I used to offer, or have received one of my paintings. I am very grateful to everyone who consented to talk about their experiences, and allowed me to share their words here.

Intuitive Guidance Sessions

Gráinne McQuaide

A very belated thank you for the guidance last week. It has given me hope; I have read up on beaver symbolism and it fits very much with my circumstances at the minute.

Lelia Walsh

Thank you for the spider web analogy: it makes a lot of sense, as I build up my business, to cast my own net further, to make connections that will strengthen and support me. Your guidance was spot-on, in relation to your understanding that I am in a growth phase career-wise – represented to me by a spider creating a web. I’m working away slowly to build something worthwhile.

Rebecca Doyle Dorado

I was fortunate enough to have a holistic session with Aisling Cronin that truly helped me reflect and deal with problems that I was having in my personal life. The beginning of 2019 was a tough year for me. My grandfather passed away, I got out of a toxic and abusive relationship with my ex boyfriend and to top it off, I was let go from a job.

All of these situations led me to counseling with a psychiatrist, psychologist and therapist. I believe that mental health is of the utmost importance and every person has different ways of dealing with pain and grief. I personally respond better to holistic medicine and a different type of counselling, one that was not solely based on pharmaceuticals and goes beyond regular physiology based on general studies. I wanted to have a therapist that took in my personality, and how my personal problems affected me specifically in relation to my life experiences, sociocultural background and beliefs. That is the reason I decided to have a session with Aisling and I am so grateful for her consideration and the time she took to help me.

The day before I had my session with her, I told her that I was looking for help with family, the pain caused by my previous relationship and career issues. I gave no explanations of what had happened in these situations and I was blown away the next day when she was able to give me guidance and was incredibly accurate with both problems. She explained that she had a deep meditation the day before, and in her dreams a lot of the problems manifested themselves.

Once she told me her dream, I explained the situation that I was living, and how her insights made perfect sense. From here on, she gave advice based on my personal experience that was not only wise, but genuinely helpful, and that I could put into practice. The best advice she gave me was how to let go of pain and resentment caused by different situations which I hadn’t been able to learn with any other therapist. It’s also interesting to note that my other counselor, one that is trained in many different techniques (acupuncture, physiotherapy, Reiki and other forms of holistic healing) gave me very similar advice the following week when I spoke to her about the same problems. Meaning that I believe that Aisling is more than qualified to help and give guidance on many different situations. She made me feel comfortable from the beginning of the session and it was remarkable how accurate her insights were.

I will definitely have sessions with Aisling on a regular basis and would wholeheartedly recommend her. That being said, I do believe that if you decide to seek any mental help, you have to be willing and open to receiving help, which I think can be very difficult for some people. Aisling made it very easy to open up to her and I cannot wait to have another session with her.


Gaby van Bienen

I do feel like healing is a big part of my life and my mission. I also LOVE the ocean and I feel very strongly connected to Atlantis. As I was waking up today I was thinking about the painting, and my mind hopped from Atlantis to dolphins to an important theme I need to implement in my life more: play! The sun or moon in the painting … maybe it could be both! That’s a theme that keeps coming up, it’s also part of my human design incarnation cross, harmonising polarities and stuff like that. It felt really powerful for me when I opened the painting (well, the package 😄) and saw it for the first time… I could feel it in my soul. It made me cry!


Karen Awen Mines

I was really emotional when I opened the painting. It was even more beautiful in real life than it was in the picture. I really believe that you channeled Mary Magdalene when you painted this. I’ve got her on my altar, and I love it! She’s become an integral part of my daily altar work.


Aifric Tree

Aisling is a wonderful artist. I’m so grateful for the beautiful painting I received. 💛 It is filled with so much more than I could have imagined from the theme I gave! Thank you Ais, your creativity will go a long way. 😊🌼

Laura Jean Wiley Brennan

I asked Aisling to paint on the theme of love. Love is ever present in my life, but sometimes it is important to see it depicted in some way. Aisling’s painting spoke to me, and continues to, each moment of each day. Currently, the large heart reveals to me, myself, with the two smaller ones as each of my daughters. What strikes me about these hearts are how rooted they are. Rooted in love. The idea of this love as not only shared but reflected in self-love is the most joyful theme this painting invoked in me. The mountains, in my mind, are the main masculine influences in my life: my husband and 2 sons. There is a very protective sense to them, and they too, reflect. This love that encompasses self-love and far beyond extends to the world with each ripple of water. This painting brings me great joy and hope for the world.


Vix Maxwell

I am absolutely in awe of and in love with this channelled art that the incredible Aisling Maria Cronin created for me. 💗 I have had dreams about places with pink skies and I always see pyramids in my meditation journeys. And the Celtic influence feels so deep too. 💗


Gina Dianne Harding

The wonderful Gina Dianne Harding was kind enough to make a video about what her painting meant to her! In the video, she spoke about the role it played in helping her with a novel series she is creating, based on the teachings of Mary Magdalene. Watch it below.