Fresh Breeze (an imaginative reflection)

There have been heartaches, yes – and sorrows that ripped away your certainties and slammed the breath from your body. Times when you have felt silenced: voice stoppered, pains weighing down your feet.

Set down your loads for a while and allow peace to break through.

Sit by the river and, pausing to take a shaky breath, nurse your wounds back to wholeness – shards reconnecting within, whisper that they will never be the same, yet are beautiful in their own way.

In the meantime: swans turn circles overhead and beloveds call to one another, heart to heart connecting through barricades. Sunlight shines through the leaves to fall upon your shoulders, while a fresh breeze tickles your hands, your face, your weary spirits … “dream again,” it urges you. “Remember who you are.”

Image: Picryl


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