See Yourself / Your Solace 🌼 (spoken word poetry)

Soul healing for those who feel misunderstood, out of place … holding a vision that is yet unsteady on its feet. ❤️

See Yourself

Drop your burdens and let dawning light caress your face.
You hold a vision that is yet unsteady on its feet
amidst rushing lines of traffic,
the clicks and taps of impassioned argument.

You stand on the edge of a bridge unbuilt
but even so … let it rise.

You linger – still – in a half-forgotten world
of myth-making and magic.
You feel the weight of an unspoken history:
echoes of a time when storms swept in
bearing a song of wrath that consumed those who took it to heart
and said, ‘there can be no other way.’

You still see the cold eyes that seared your soul.
You hear shouts of accusation tremble through the halls
of a home you once loved.
You hear sisters and brothers speak with
a syrup-drenched lack of sincerity.

And you remember the grief; you remember the rain.
But for now… let it fall.

Inhale a fresh breeze and see yourself
through the eyes of a friend who has beheld your truth.

Remember your mischief:
the gleam of mirth in your eyes,
the bright easy laughter,
the flick of your wrist
that sent magic
on its spiralling dance
through the ethers.

Remember your loving heart.

Drop your burdens
and watch love unfurl
(fragile, yet hopeful)
like a flower
kissed by morning dew.

Your Solace

You never believed that solace was in sight.
It’s not our way, your conscience said.

Our way is the path of fortitude.
Our way is ever-sacrificing, ever-selfless, ever-ready
to place ourselves into the line of fire
and never complain of burns.

We are the rock that stands still always:
the solace, the strength, the shelter
for those who cannot stand alone.

You never believed your solace was in sight
but now, as the sun sets, you fall to your knees
and let the fading rays
drench your face, your shoulders, your trembling hands:
weakened by the howling winds
for whom you could never bend, never break , never succumb,
for you were a Guardian.

The Guarded Ones whisper:
you were my solace, my strength, my shelter
when I had none.
So now: Go. Find your joy.
Your solace.

Images and Video Clips: Adobe Stock and Pexels

🎵 Music Credit: ‘Satya Yuga’ by Jesse Gallagher


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