Sweet Comfort (250-word romantic fiction)

When the man of your dreams asks if you want to catch a movie on Friday, be cool. Don’t yell, “oh wow, sure, yeah, thanks Jeff, that would be great” at a million decibels. Don’t get so embarrassed that you whip back round at breakneck speed, forgetting the fresh bread rolls balanced precariously on the countertop behind you.

In my experience, results of the above manoeuvres may vary, but are likely to include getting yelled at by your boss, chasing renegade rolls all over the floor, and crying in front of everyone – including the aforementioned man of your dreams. Though he might well hunker down next to you and scoop up as many rolls as he can.

When you’re sitting down later that day, nurse your wounds with the results of your latest cupcake recipe. Chocolate sponge, jam centre and vanilla frosting, topped with a drizzle of strawberry syrup. Bite into it and swoon: this is what perfection tastes like.

“Hey Alice.”

When you hear him, you should now be in a better position to respond like the calm, cool, serene goddess you wanted to be this morning. Turn around and look him in the eye.

“Jeff, hi. Want to try some?”

“Sure.” If all has gone to plan, he will sit next to you, look down for a moment, then meet your eye with a slow, sweeping grin. “So. Movie on Friday?”

Face him, giddy with hope, and return his smile with one of your own.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


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