Warrior Souls 🔥 (a short piece of spoken word art)

This is a video recording of a piece I wrote called A Reflection for the Warrior Souls. It’s for anyone who has ever feared their righteous anger, lest it devour their tender hearts. ❤️





They are the causes that speak deeply to your heart.

Your inner fire burns deep, scorching heavily encrusted layers of suppression that have held many captive to their own fears.

When crisis calls, you are the ones who march before the vulnerable. You venture forth, sword and shield in hand. You plant your feet before adversity and proclaim: ‘no more.’

You send up a bright flare of truth for all to see.

Warriors, burn brightly … yet take the time, always, to care for your precious fire.

Maybe in your quiet moments, you have feared your own righteous anger – lest it be a consuming force, there to devour your tender heart.

No fighter can win every battle – and you, brave soul, have come to know that well.

You have felt the sting of loss, you have tasted implacable grief, you have been haunted by the memory of the ones you could not save.


Let your sorrows deepen your compassion.

Let your fire be a gentle glow that nourishes and comforts the ones you love … even as your blazing truth challenges them to stand up, to find their courage and walk by your side.


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