A Conversation With Amanda Masterson

It was a true honour to speak with Amanda Masterson for her Heart to Heart interview series. We delved into the subjects of art, creation, and intuitive flow. We discussed Thérèse of Lisieux, the gifts of simplicity, the glorious liberation of being “weird”, and what it means to be multipassionate, amongst other things. 🌹 A seagull also chimed in at one point, to add their perspective, so that was a great honour too. 😎

During our chat, I had the chance to share what painting means to me … and why the picture I made for Amanda herself moved me so strongly. I created Amanda’s painting while she was working on a video project called Adventures of a Wage Slave. She was bravely exploring the weight of those words, and what it means to live in a society where our worth is so often defined by how much money we have. I was honoured to support her as she grappled with this difficult topic, and I loved talking about her painting during this Heart to Heart conversation. 🙏

You can watch it below.


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