I’ve Released My First Anthology

The Light Touch of Liberty is my first anthology. It celebrates people who dare to dream, ask questions and speak their truth. It acknowledges just what a revolutionary act it is to stand tall, in a world that still seeks to hold us down.

Producing the book has given me a renewed sense of confidence in myself. Finally, something I’ve written has been sent out into the world. Words that used to exist only in my head have now been printed and bound, to hopefully be enjoyed by people other than me!

To everyone who has congratulated me or said wonderful things: thank you. ❤️ I have been so grateful for all the kind thoughts and expressions of support. The beautiful cover was designed by Violeta Nedkova.

I am especially grateful to the wonderful Paul Grealish, who was the first person to review the anthology! He said:

‘The Light Touch of Liberty’ is a strong debut by an emerging Irish poet. Aisling Maria Cronin displays a veteran’s flair for powerful, precise word choices in an anthology that draws on themes from myth, modern life, and nature.

Nature permeates this collection from the ‘winter’s frost’ of opener ‘Void’ to the ‘clear blue skies’ and oceans of ‘Horses’. This is also an anthology for lovers of fantasy and folklore, where ‘unsuppressed outlaws’ run ‘subversively free’ to challenge ‘Jaded walls of despair’ (‘We Will Mend’) and ‘Guarded Ones’ and ‘The Morrighan’ watch over proceedings. This is an anthology where human frailty and the world of the Fae are never too far apart.

It is in stories of human sorrow and joy that Cronin excels. From the harrowing ‘Stripped’, to the tragic ‘For Lyra’, a tribute to murdered Northern Irish journalist Lyra McKee, to the short but powerful ‘Unwound’ Cronin displays remarkable empathy and craft.

A joy to read and a must for any poetry fan.

The book is available here (Amazon.co.uk link) or here (Amazon.com link).

“We are unsuppressed outlaws
Offensively joyful
Subversively free.”

We Will Mend

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